1. How do I use SPUNJI-I Seasoning?

  It is used mainly as a marinade but you can use SPUNJI-I to heighten the flavour in dishes.

  2. What are the ingrediendts of SPUNJI-I?

  Spring onions, black pepper, Scotch Bonnet pepper, salt, sugar, pimento, oil, lemon juice and nutmeg.

  3. Do any of SPUNJI-I products contain alergens?


  4. Can my order be shipped overseas?


  5. Do you have nuts in any of the SPUNJI-I products?


  6. Does SPUNJI-I have any preservatives in the products?

  It contains 0,2% of citric acid

  7. What is the best way to store SPUNJI-I?

  In the fridge after opening.

  8. What is the shelf life of SPUNJI-I? 

  2 years.

  9. Do any of SPUNJI-I products contain gluten?


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