I cut my own hair, I moisture my face, enjoy the gym and I engineer my body odour through a concoction of body spray and eau de toilette. you are right, lifestyle is about passion and commitment.

Today, not yesterday is about living the moment, about multiple choices, multiple offers and sometimes with no terms of reference, to make the important decisions of life in our over-complicated world we have forgotten to understand what is real. For me, what is real is simple: LIFE

I LIVE THEREFORE I EXIST AND I EXIST IN THE FIRST-PERSON: I SEE, I HEAR, I TASTE AND I FEEL. These are all first-person experiences the next level is relationships: who matters to me, the love of my life, my children ( if I have any ) I don’t want to be lonely and I want to share the good and bad times. These are the main components of lifestyle, the need to connect and the need to share.

SPUNJI-I is about life, the need to get back to the origins of food and taste combining the natural taste of herbs and carbs or herbs and protein that creates the chambers of combustion where spices and nutrition explode to create great flavours on the plate and in your mouth…

The media is full of lifestyle programs today. Viewers are constantly being encouraged to either live somewhere exotic abroad in the sun or here at home in the countryside. Lifestyle is about meeting up with friends sharing a meal and entertaining each other around food.

With SPUNJI-I we want to share those experiences either doing it or being part of it. Let’s start the party now sharing by recipes and cooking experiences here and abroad: good luck I’m looking forward to it.

Send your video clips, pictures and recipes and fill these pages with the different colours and flavours of your lives.

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