Step 1:  Put in 2 tea spoons of SPUNJI-I in the bowl. Add 1 table spoon of oil and 2 table spoons of water.

Step 2: Add all other herbs and spices into the bowl i.e curry powder, black pepper, salt, fresh onions and herbs. Mix up and pour onto your meat/fish.

Step 3: Cover the dish with cling film and place it in the fridge/cold  place for a minimum of 2hrs to 24hrs. The fish, no longer than 2hrs.

Step 4: Uncover the dish and place the contents in a pan or in the oven, if a barbecue place the meat on the grill.

Step 5: Vegables, stir fries. Place all the ingredients in the pan and begin to fry then put 2 tea spoons of SPUNJI-I in the pan and continue mixing add a nub of butter to give a rounder flavour.

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