Spunji-i fried fish and condiments


  1.  Two whole fish ( scaled and gutted)
  2.  Salt and black pepper
  3.  Garlic  powder
  4. Vegetables: 2 onions, sprigs of thyme, 1 small scotch bonnet, 4 small plum tomatoes, 4/5 seeds of pimento, 2 sweet peppers ( red and yellow)
  5. Bottle of Spunji-i: either  All purpose (mild) ,Original (medium), Hot Jerk (hot)
  6. Bottle of  white vinegar


Take the two fish either leave the fish heads on or chops of the head and discard, score both sides of the fish twice. Mix 1 ½ table spoons of black pepper, 1  table spoon of salt and half a table spoon of garlic powder, mix it all together and then rub the mixture into the fish covering it all over, if the head is still make sure you rub the mixture deeply into it. Allow the fish to rest for at least 20 minutes

Fill the frying pan with enough oil to immerse half the fish in the pan, Place the fish on its sides in the oil and allow to fry on a medium heat, when brown ad cooked turn the fish on the other side when cooked place in a plate on paper and allow to drain of any excessive oil. Leave the fried fish to rest.

Chop up the onions, halve the plum tomatoes and cut up half of the sweet peppers and a tiny bit of the scotch bonnet. Put it all in source pan, along with the crushed pimento seeds and throw  in add salt if needed to complete the taste. After 3 minutes allowing it to boil on a medium heat the source will be ready.

Serve two people

Place the fried fish on the plate and cover the fish with sweet peppers, tomatoes and onions. Spoon the source along the length of the fish. …………….Enjoy

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